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Texas EMS Blood Month

We are challenging Texas EMS professionals to #FillTheBlood.

Our desire is to link Texas EMS professionals to their local blood centers and raise awareness about the value of whole blood.    

Texas EMS Blood Month is being held from 8/6-8/31.  Its emphasis is to increase individual donations during the month of August and encourage organizational commitment to a scheduled event during the fall semester (August-December).  


Our request for action is simple:

1. We want individual EMS professionals to donate through their local blood center before the end of August. 
2. We'd like EMS organizations to commit to a scheduled blood event during the fall semester (August-December).  
3. We want all EMS professionals  to raise awareness about the value of whole blood and the state's current shortage.  

The intent is to engage individuals and organizations who are not already involved in the donation process.  All currently engaged individuals and organizations are encouraged to maintain their regular donation schedule.  ATEMSP is proud to support and promote currently scheduled events.  


Individual Donations

The most immediate request is for individual Texas EMTs and Paramedics to schedule an appointment with their local blood center.  

Each donation provides one unit of blood and an individual is eligible for donation every 56 days. Some donation procedures may involve different timelines and are best discussed with local facilities. 

Individuals can schedule an appointment at their local blood center and do not necessarily have to wait for a blood drive event.    

Individuals willing to donate 2-3 times per year have a large impact in supporting an adequate blood supply.  Many donation centers have a rewards program for consistent donors.  

Please contact our Texas EMS Blood Month Liaison for assistance in locating your nearest local blood center.  


Organized Events 

Any individual or organization can create a blood drive event.  

Most blood drives need a minimum of 10 good donations to justify an event and normally require at least 20 committed donors for adequate participation.  

Blood centers are heavily supported by school blood drives. The blood supply often dips during scheduled school breaks (June-August and December).  

There is no bad time to schedule a blood drive but filling the gaps between school events can be invaluable to a blood center's operations.  The best thing an EMS organization can do is contact their local blood center and see how they can best participate in their center's donation schedule.  

Please contact our Texas EMS Blood Month Liaison for assistance with organizing an event through your local blood center.  



Nothing is an issue until people make it an issue.  

Texas EMS professionals have a unique public platform to discuss the value of whole blood.  The need for whole blood goes hand-in-hand with the mission of EMS and its value continues increasing within the scope of paramedic practice.   

ATEMSP will be using #FillTheBlood during the month of August. All participants are encouraged to use social media for promotion of the event.  

Texas EMS professionals are often creative, unconventional people.  We offer no strict guidance for an awareness campaign because of this. 

If you need help or guidance in raising awareness, please contact our
Texas EMS Blood Month Liaison for assistance. 

Our Impact This Year

  • Bills Following (86th Legislature)


  • Hours Volunteered


  • Projects Initiated


  • Partnerships Formed


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